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Welcome to Million Dollar Journey! If you’re new here, you can learn about me and even follow my financial journey to becoming a millionaire by 35 through my net worth updates. If you are just starting your financial journey, I recommend that you start with Financial Freedom 101 located in the navigation bar above. Otherwise, check out my latest articles listed below.

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally launched a new design and layout for MillionDollarJourney.com! The last time this site received a new design was April 2008, which is about a century ago in internet years. The new design will attempt to keep up with the times with a cleaner layout, and most… Read More


Back by popular demand, the 36 year old millionaire retiree, QCash, is back with an update. In the original interview with QCash in 2007, he explained about how he became financially free by accumulating a $1.5M net worth by the age of 36.  It's been about 8 years since that interview, which has resulted in… Read More


Futurpreneur Canada Programs

If you are a younger budding entrepreneur who believes that you have what it takes to become successful including a solid business plan, then this article may be useful to you. Futurpreneur Canada (formerly known as the Canadian Youth Business Foundation or CYBF) has been involved with emerging entrepreneurs since 1996 and their services are… Read More

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With the income tax deadline just around the corner for tax year 2014, which is April 30, 2015 it's time to start thinking about what's required to file.  If you are a small business owner, you have until June 15th to file, but any taxes owning must be paid by April 30th.  If you are entitled to a… Read More


How our Family of Four Lives off One Government Salary

In my 2014 financial summary post, I mentioned that our family of four currently lives off one salary - mine.  Since then, I've received a number of emails from readers looking for details on how we do it.  It's not only online readers who have questions, when I tell friends/co-workers that my wife is taking the… Read More


How to Score Well on Your Life Insurance Medical Test

Applicants looking to purchase a life insurance policy usually have to go through a life insurance medical test. This test consists of two components: a physical evaluation and a questionnaire session. Passing this test allows applicants to be approved for a life insurance policy. Many insurance companies also offer other benefits to applicants who score… Read More


I was browsing through the archives yesterday and came by a gem of an interview with a 36 year old millionaire. Not only did QCash accumulate $1.5M by age 36, he retired at the age of 35! Norbert's Gambit is a way to save on currency exchange costs at discount brokers. The process varies by… Read More


For those of you just joining us, listed below is my portfolio that is leveraged with money borrowed from my home equity line of credit (HELOC). As the money borrowed is used to invest, the interest charged is tax deductible. I started this portfolio in 2008 (at the height of the market) and write updates every… Read More