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TurboTax Coupon, Why You Don’t Have to Save, Emotional Investing, Bad Retirement Advice, and more!

For those you who use TurboTax to file taxes online, here is a 15% off coupon!

A Canadian Money Forum member shares an interesting story about Inheriting a house that isn’t your parents, where the mortgage payments were made by the parents but the deed is in another family member’s name.

Life offers choices most times and one is free to choose but being prepared to deal with the consequences is a lesson that is likely forgotten by many as highlighted by the Retire Happy Blog in Why You Don’t Have to Save.

Being debt free before retirement is a big step to a successful future. Boomer and Echo explains Why You Should Eliminate Debt Before You Retire.

Investing is more mind than math and discipline is as important as the dollars. Canadian Finance Blog asks Is Your Investing Too Emotional?.

Planning for retirement may require a lot of work but The Blunt Bean Counter provides some assistance through a Retirement Planning Spreadsheet.

Vehicles can become a money pit and the sunk cost fallacy may make owners spend money regularly to fix problems. Sustainable Personal Finance writes about 6 Signs that Your Car is a Rolling Piece of Junk to underscore when it is time.

Not all expert financial advice is sound advice as Michael James on Money proves through Bad Advice on Retirement.

‘Eh?’ is quintessentially Canadian. In the Canadian spirit, Young and Thrifty offers 15 Steps to Knowing Personal Finance as Well as Eh Canadian.

Looking for ways to have a successful retirement? My Own Advisor arrives with timely thoughts on How to kill your retirement plan in 3 easy steps.

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