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High Risk TFSA, Financial Rules of Thumb and More

Canadian Money Forum has a great discussion about putting high risk investments within a TFSA.

Canadian Tax Resource lists 6 rules of thumb everyone should know.

The Digerati Life shows us that dollar cost averaging works.

Thicken My Wallet gives tips in picking the right executor and guardian.

Canadian Capitalist lists 9 lessons relearned from the financial meltdown.

Lazy Man and Money explains how to save money on perfume.

Four Pillars has a great article on beginner investment strategies to avoid.

Sun’s Financial Diary compares yodlee with mint.

Canadian Dream writes about other cross over points.

Brip Blap writes about reaffirming a vision.

Money Smart Life has tips for preventing and treating the swine flu.

Where Does All My Money Go explains how to maximize the sale price of your home.

My Dollar Plan tells us why Fidelity sucks.

Financial Blogger says that women want more.

Generation X Finance explains other factors besides asset allocation when investing.

Michael James explains that a small investing edge brings big money over time.

Frugal Dad has an interesting idea for a savings account which he calls an opportunity fund.

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FT About the author: FT is the founder and editor of Million Dollar Journey (est. 2006). Through various financial strategies outlined on this site, he grew his net worth from $200,000 in 2006 to $1,000,000 by 2014. You can read more about him here.

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  • Avatar Charles in Vancouver September 26, 2009, 3:28 pm

    Did My Dollar Plan really post about why fidelity sucks, or was he referring to Fidelity? There’s a difference, especially when juxtaposed with your next link about women wanting more ;)

  • Avatar Four Pillars September 26, 2009, 3:34 pm

    Charles – haha. Read the post to find out. :)

    Thanks for the link.

  • FT FrugalTrader September 26, 2009, 3:47 pm

    lol, good point, I should fix the spelling.

  • Avatar The Financial Blogger September 26, 2009, 4:20 pm

    Thx for the mention FT!

    I hope Mrs. FT read my post ;-) hehehe!

  • Avatar Ray September 26, 2009, 10:10 pm

    Wow, another incredible find on MDJ. Checkout your post above about Mint and Yodlee… I tried Mint awhile ago only to find out Canada wasn’t supported, so I tried Yodlee based on the post above and they have a whole community going there. Full links into all my EasyWeb, Webbroker, ING, MBNA Starwoods Card, Air Canada points, everything. You can pretty much get a complete networth picture of Investments, Chequing Accounts, Loans, Reward Points, BillPayments, everything. It took an hour or two to link everything up and check it all out, but definitely worthy of a future MDJ blog post if you haven’t already (surely I didn’t miss it).

  • Avatar Thicken My Wallet September 27, 2009, 3:38 pm

    Thanks for the link.

  • Avatar Colin September 27, 2009, 4:20 pm

    MJD, love your site.Would love if you’d consider reading mine, and consider our articles for your roundup. http://www.generationfinance.com

    All the best and continued success!

  • Avatar Michael James September 28, 2009, 11:13 am

    Thanks for the mention.

  • Avatar Canada Deals September 28, 2009, 1:33 pm

    Awesome link round up! Is this a regular thing on this blog? If not, it should be :)

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