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Happier Book Winners and Best of MDJ: June 2009

Book Winners of Happier

As promised, I am giving away 2 copies of the book Happier.  Out of the entries, the winners below were randomly chosen, congrats!

  1. K
  2. Craig

Top Posts of June 2009

  1. High End Chequing Account Comparison – With all the of the banks offering “vip” accounting, I had to check out what all the fuss was about.  I’m more of a free banking guy myself, but some of the paid packages are enticing.  For me, the TD Select Service offers the best deal, especially if you can keep a $5k balance – free safety deposit box, USD account, worldwide ATM access, free road side assistance (with the free credit card).
  2. Retired at 31 – An Early Retirement Story – This is the story about “John” who retired at the ripe age of 31.  How did he do it?  You’ll have to read the article to find out.
  3. How Long Can Your Savings Last? – If all hell broke loose and your household income was eliminated, how long would your savings last?
  4. MBNA Smart Cash Credit Card – The New Cash Back King? – As a big fan of no fee rewards credit cards, I think the MBNA Smart Cash Card offers a lot of value.  It could be perhaps the best cash back credit card in Canada.
  5. Income Splitting Options – With taxation on single income families being higher than dual income families, there are a few strategies to even the playing field.

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