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Best of Million Dollar Journey: Sept 2009

Top 6 Articles for Sept 2009

  1. Creating Super Human Kids – This was a popular post that I wrote while researching activities for our child.  It just seems overboard the number of activities that kids are involved with these days.
  2. Converting a Principal Residence into a Rental Property – A common strategy among home owners when moving is to keep their existing property and rent it out.  If the numbers make sense it may be a smart wealth strategy, however, most do not completely think through the tax consequences of converting a principal residence to a rental property.  Check out the article for more details.
  3. What’s Important About Money To You? – I’m a big fan of money psychology and this article makes you think about your money personality.  Everybody has one, which one are you?
  4. Canadian Bank Accounts for Kids – If you have children, have you opened a bank account for them?  Kathryn goes through the list of available Canadian bank accounts for kids and compares them in a nifty table.
  5. Scotia Momentum Cash Back Visa Review – As a big fan of rewards credit cards, multiple readers have emailed me to review Scotia Banks momentum Visa.  Seems like a decent card, but there are better cards out there without the annual fee.
  6. Taking Baby Steps Towards Financial Goals – We typically have 5 articles listed here, but I had to throw in this article as it was a personal favorite and something that I believe in.  Think big, but set smaller goals along the way.

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  • Avatar Ms Save Money October 9, 2009, 2:31 pm

    My favorite of the posts is What’s Important About Money To You?

    Definitely a good article and makes you search within yourself to see what your motivation is for success.

  • Avatar Four Pillars October 9, 2009, 9:37 pm

    Thanks for the link – glad I’m still a top referrer.

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