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Welcome to Million Dollar Journey! If you’re new here, you can learn about me and even follow my financial journey to becoming a millionaire by 35 through my net worth updates. Since hitting the Million Dollar milestone, I’ve been documenting my journey towards financial freedom that you can read about here. If you are just starting your own financial journey, you can start with Financial Freedom 101 located in the navigation bar above. Before you leave, check out my latest articles listed below and don’t forget to subscribe to my updates!

The Biggest Weed Stocks in Canada

In an earlier post this year, I mentioned that most of the returns from my "fun trading account" are due to buying weed/cannabis stocks in the very early days.  When I made the purchase a new Prime Minister was elected, and it felt like he would really push for the legalization of cannabis in Canada… Read More


The bloggers behind Young and Thrifty have organized a virtual Canadian Financial Summit (CFS) starring 28 personal finance experts in the country.   Some of these experts include: Jon Chevreau (author of Findependence day and former editor of MoneySense Magazine); Preet Banerjee (CBC's The National Commentator); Ellen Roseman (Columnist at Toronto Star);  Rob Carrick (Columnist… Read More


The train keeps rolling with the index investing posts.  If you've been following lately, I've been focused on showing readers how to easily invest using the index investing strategy.  Articles such as: The easiest index portfolio for each discount brokerage How to invest $20k or less? How to invest $30k? 6 Ways to Index Your… Read More


It has never been easier for the do it yourself (DIY) investor - especially for the investor that likes to put the odds in their favour and indexes their portfolio over the long term. In my articles about index investing over the last little while, I've mentioned a number of ways to properly index your… Read More


The PC Financial World Elite MasterCard is perhaps the best no annual fee grocery credit card out there.  It offers 3% cash back (PC Optimum Program) when shopping at Loblaws group of stores  (Loblaws, Dominion in NL, Real Canadian Super Store, No Frills, PC Mobile, and Shoppers Drug Mart) and you can redeem $10 or more towards products in their group… Read More


Due to all recent posts about index investing, this article from the archives may help clarify some questions I've been getting from readers.  I have updated the information so that it is relevant today. Recently, I wrote about the easiest, cheapest, and perhaps even the best way to invest with your bank mutual funds.  That… Read More


Over the past couple of weeks, I wrote about how beginners can start a long-term portfolio as a cornerstone to building wealth. The first article was about an investor in her late 20's looking to invest $30k sitting in her TFSA.  The other was an investor in her early 20's with about $20k to invest. Both articles… Read More

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After the last post on helping a reader on how to invest $30,000, I've received a number of emails asking for advice on investing.  The reader mail that I'm going to answer today is along the same theme as the last, but this time the age range is on the younger side, and also a… Read More