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The Successful Investor Newsletter Discount for MDJ Readers

Over the past couple of years, The Successful Investor (TSI) has offered MDJ readers the best deal on the web on Canada’s top stock picking newsletter service.   Now they are back again for another round!

Being a Subscriber

I’ve been a subscriber for about two years now, and I’m pleased with the service.  The membership includes a monthly email newsletter, weekly updates, and access to all previous newsletters.  The Successful Investor newsletter contains Pat McKeough’s top picks and detailed information as to why he is recommending them. While most newsletters are advocates of shorter term positions, Pat is a long term investor and has held onto some positions since the newsletter inception in 1995.

I won’t giveaway his picks, but I can say that he’s a fan of dividend investing with a Canadian focus, which is in alignment with my own investment strategy.  The newsletter has given me more than a few ideas for my dividend portfolio.

My only gripe is that Pat writes quite a bit of content, and sends out emails quite often. So expect an email every two days or so.  While some would consider this added value, my inbox is quite busy as it is.  To be fair though, you can login to your membership account at any time and adjust your email frequency.

Newsletter Performance

What about performance? The Hulbert Financial Digest, a well-known stock newsletter rating service, ranks popular investment newsletters from the US and Canada against each other. Recently, The Successful Investor ranked 3rd out of 107 and has been Canada’s top-performing investment advisory over the past 10 years. Overall The Successful Investor has returned 15.1% over those 10 years, which tops the Wilshire index’s 8.5% return by over 93%.

The Million Dollar Journey Exclusive Promotion

Now onto the deal!  I’ve been guaranteed by the kind folks at TSI that Million Dollar Journey readers get the absolute lowest price available on the web.  The current promo price on their website is $89  per year ($50 off their regular price of $139).  When they approached me, they offered MDJ readers $39 for the annual subscription which is $100 off their regular price.  While that was a great deal, I pushed back and managed to negotiate an even better deal for readers.

For MDJ readers only and for a limited time (until February 8, 2014), TSI is offering new subscribers a one year subscription for $30 ($109 off their regular price)!  This includes 12 monthly newsletters, their suite of ebooks, weekly updates, and access to back issues.  If at any time you aren’t satisfied with the purchase, you can get a refund for the unused portion of the subscription.  Also a heads up that select libraries carry some back issues of The Successful Investor so you can check it out before committing.

If you’re interested in this exclusive limited time offer, you can sign up here .  This offer will expire on February 8, 2014 and I don’t know if or when this offer will come back again.

Freebie for Renewing Subscribers!

While this deal is only for new subscribers, all is not lost for existing subscribers who originally signed up through MDJ but want to renew.  If you have renewed recently, or want to renew now (for their website price of $99), simply enter your email address here and you will get a complimentary 6 month subscription to the Wall Street Stock Forecaster ($47 value) which is their advisory for investing in US stocks.  Note that the freebie is only for renewals who originally signed up through the MDJ TSI promo over the past couple of years and note that this offer also ends on February 8, 2014.

For those who signed up, how would you rate the newsletter?

Disclaimer: TSI provided me with a free subscription of The Successful Investor Newsletter and is a banner advertiser.

21 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. I have subscribed to The Successful Investor in the past and found it very informative. Pat McKeough knows his stuff and I have used some of his picks in my own portfolio.This is a great offer for anyone who is into investing and wants to subscribe to a great newsletter.

  2. 2. Matt

    MDJ continues to offer the best value to its loyal readers. Hat tip to FrugalTrader. Thank you for a great 2011 and here’s to a successful and prosperous 2012!

  3. 3. Marcin

    I agree, his picks are great. Currently, I`m a suscriber to 3 of his newsletters.
    Will add 4th one pretty soon .

  4. 4. Terry

    Since last years recommendation I have enjoys Pat’s newsletter. BUT…as other newsletters do, Pat does not post a date or entry price for his recommendations. We are forced to trust that he has gained 626% on BCE or 911% on Agrium. I’m having a hard time with this especially since most of them are not DRIPed.
    In addition, off the top of my head, I cannot recall one new recommendation over the last year. Everything seems to be a rehashing of what is already liked.
    Also, I share his overly frequent emails with a friend who recently asked me, “is there a stock that Pat McKeough doesn’t like? Everything he writes about in his emails are things he likes”. He rarely talks about dislikes.

  5. 5. MrT

    I took advantage of the offer from last year and have to say that I do enjoy the information. I have selected several of his recommendations as well. So far, so good!

    As for the amount of emails, I remember when I signed up you could choose which lists you wanted to subscribe. So if your like me, you probably didn’t deselect several of the choices. I believe you can change that behaviour any time you want by logging in and making the appropriate changes.

    As for this new offer…is this just for new people or can we re-subscribe at this new rate as well?

  6. 6. Greg

    Where can you find the Hulbert Financial Digest to check the performance of these newsletters? Is it on line or available in libraries?

  7. 7. Joe S

    I signed up with the discount last year. Price is everything and I would say it is definitely worth it at the $30 offer. I am not convinced it would be worth it at the regular price. The comments about details on when and how he comes about reporting his gains are fair, but also to be fair, he has a #1 pick each year that he hypes up. Last year he reported big gains for previous #1 picks, and in January it was announced. Last time I checked, that stock had a 30% return this year, so full credit to him for that. I agree that he has a lot of content, but I have filtered it out to just a single email per day by using his web site’s settings. Worth it at $30, for sure, maybe not for $139 though for a second year.

  8. When we decided to reduce our expenses, we also cut back on our subscription — cable TV, magazines, and paid newsletters. However, based on the feedback that I am reading from the comments and other blogs, I can see that Pat will be a big help to investors who would like to invest and diversify their portfolio.

  9. 9. Doug Willson

    Here’s some free advice look at the track record of year-over-year earnings growth, profit growth and dividend growth and decide for yourself if Computer Modelling Group (CMG.TO) is a good investment.

  10. 10. Rob

    Please ask him to extend this offer!

  11. 11. Terry

    Pat and his group recently tried to cut me off after only 11 issues. After a long discussion and an explanation of simple math, they relented and offered the 12th issue I was due.

  12. 12. Richard

    This gives me an idea for how someone could make money. First you need to start an investment newsletter and get a reasonable subscriber base. There are lots of examples of you can do this without actual skill. Now when you get high enough, let’s say your readers are ready to invest $20m based on your recommendations, you can have some fun.

    Pick a penny stock with a small market cap, let’s say $20m, and tell your subscribers it’s about to shoot up. They all pile in causing the price to shoot up (look at that!). Then when it’s doubled in a week you send out another message saying the gains have been made and it’s time to sell.

    Since your subscribers make up the entire market for that stock most of them can’t sell without a loss. There just aren’t enough buyers to handle that. But you can point to your perfect recommendation that led to a 100% gain in 1 week and say it’s their problem if they waited until the price fell before selling.

    As a result of this you can get a proven record of high returns to draw in more subscribers and keep repeating the cycle. PS: this is unrelated to the offer, just an idea I came up with. I don’t subscribe to any investment newsletters. PPS: please don’t spend any money on penny stock newsletters.

  13. 13. Goldberg

    I won a subscription to the four TSI newsletter last year from MDJ. So I got the 48 letters for 2013 (12 monthly x 4 letters) for free. I read them all.

    I got zero value out of it. I’m a positive guy and I really want to say nice things about it… but really, it was useless for me and I got zero value out of the 48 letters.

    To compare, I used to subscribe to a few Stansberry Research letters which discusses one company per month for about 8-10 pages per letter. You get enough info to do your basic due diligence afterwards. I was hoping for TSI to be a Canadian equivalent… focus on one great company per letter…

    But no, he likes everything all the time and he discusses 15 companies per 10 page letters. If you compile his buy list, it has about 200 companies and indexes. He’s liked BNS and every other Canadian banks every month for the past 12 months. No entry points. And he will likely continue to like them for a while. He likes the top 5 REITs like H&R and RioCan, etc. Everything is a buy.

    He recommends everything, all the time. BNS, BMO, RY, and CIBC… he has a buy on all of them. I think he has a strong buy on BNS above the other banks but does not really say why its better than RY for example.

    Pat’s real recommendation is buy a TSX index ETF or build one yourself made up of the 60 companies in the TSX index… its essentially his message but he can’t say that directly or he wouldn’t sell any newspapers… but there I just gave you his top 60 pics, and save you money.

    To be honest, perhaps buying the index is the best thing you could do… and that’s the message I got from TSI… but why pay every year for that message… If you know absolutely nothing about stocks, a one year subscription to TSI is a good place to start… and then ignore what he says, buy the index and don’t renew. You’ll get his results.

    When I won the contest, I was planning to write a great review about what I learned about investing from his letters… but I was already an income (dividend) investor rather than chasing growth or tech… I was already diversifying. So I got zero value out of it. Sorry.

  14. Thanks for your feedback Goldberg. I only have experience with the TSI newsletter. How would you rate the other newsletters compared to TSI?

  15. 15. Richard

    I am an existing subscriber and will only renew for $ 30.00
    Pat’s recommendations are conservative and I use only an one ingredient to
    My decision making . I agree his cross sell of other services is overdone and annoying to me . I think many of his recommendation are too broad and his rationale for buy or hold recommendations is lacking . More facts and numbers are needed ,
    I get mor value from million dollar journey which is free . Many thanks for this great service .

  16. 16. MrT

    This is the kind of offer that really annoys me! Only new subscribers get the best deal. Proven, loyal customers are excluded. Sure, this offer makes existing customers pay the same as everyone else and throws in another 1/2 offer, but perhaps you aren’t interested in that deal. How about a choice of the lower rate for your continued support or the 6 month subscription?

    I don’t plan on renewing unless the same rate is offered that new customers receive. At that point, I will put up with the non stop offers and the “mostly repeated” recommendations.

  17. 17. Bad Caleb

    This promo price is tempting. FT, since you are pleased with the service you are getting, would you pay for the service or if you were not able to get this for free?

  18. @Bad Caleb, if you are not an existing TSI member, it is definitely worth the $30 for dividend ideas alone. As TSI does not make a lot of new recommendations, it may be worth one renewal, but not sure about a second. All the same, I do look forward to my friday TSI newsletter updates.

  19. 19. Nelson

    My favorite investing newsletter is Contra The Heard, a Canadian based publication that boasts a 15 year annualized return of 18% and a 10 year annualized return of 13.9%. I like those numbers.

    Now it’s pricey, at $500 per year. I don’t actually subscribe, since they’re guests on BNN’s Market Call often enough that you can do a decent job recreating their portfolio based on stocks they recommend on the show.

    Of course, many investors won’t like what they invest in. They specialize in beaten up stocks and sectors, often buying small caps that fly under most people’s radar. If the idea of buying Blackberry repulses you, Contra The Heard is going to be a waste of your time.

  20. @Nelson, I always find contrarian picks interesting. If you don’t mind sharing, what other picks do you recall?

  21. 21. Bad Caleb

    You can go to and look for Benj Gallander to see his comments regarding various stocks, not sure if these are purchases made to the newsletter. He has interesting ideas but I have never really followed up any.


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