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The Carnival Of Personal Finance (#126)

Welcome to the 126th Carnival of Personal Finance.  For the readers who are not familiar with the CoPF, it's where personal finance bloggers submit their best articles of the week with one blog doing the hosting. 

Today, it just so happens that Million Dollar Journey gets the honor of hosting the ever growing event.  This week, there was an almost overwhelming number of submissions with 89 in total.  The entries are separated into categories with my top picks below.  

If you enjoy this weeks Carnival, please promote it on your own site. 

Editors Choice – MDJ's Top 10 Picks

1.  7 Business Lessons Learned from Watching Warren Buffet by Edith Yeung

  •  A video post along with commentary about how Warren Buffet goes about picking businesses to invest in.

2.  The 10 Most Important Things I have learned from Dividend Investing by The Dividend Guy

  • 10 great tips on how to succeed in Dividend based investing which is also one of my favorite stock picking strategies. 

3.  How to Play the Impending Water Shortages by Everyday Finance

  • With the potential world wide water shortage, this article indicates a water utility ETF that may be a good investment opportunity. 

4.  Where I Find What Stocks I Will Trade by Timothy Sykes

  • The controversial Timothy Sykes has submitted an article on the various mediums that he uses to find momentum stocks.  He talks about various websites and forums that he uses.  If you're interested, you can read my book review that I wrote on Tim's new book "An American Hedge Fund".

5.  6 Tips for a Debt Free Christmas by Christian Personal Finance 

  • I thought this article was a great primer in getting ready for the big shopping season. 

6.  My Teenagers First Job by Me My Kid and Life

  • This article is a insightful example of how to get your teenager/child involved with personal finance and money.  Get them to start a business based on their skills.  I think I will take the same approach with my future kid(s). 

7.  25 Ways I Save Money by Cash Money Life

  • Some solid ways to save money.  I agree with and pretty much follow all 25 money saving tips.  

8. Managing Finances in your Twenties by LifeEdit

  • A Canadian personal finance blog that I discovered through this Carnival.  From my last "age" poll, most of you readers are between the ages of 20-30, so this article may be helpful to you. 

9. Scrabble & Personal Finance: 8 Lessons from Tiles by Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

  •  The title says it all, very creative post.

10. The Tale of Two Friends by Vixen on a Budget

  • A story that I can really relate to.  Two friends same jobs, one is good with money, the other is not so good.  It really comes down to how your parents raised you.

Real Estate (7 Entries)

Investing (14 Entries)

Tax Talk (2 Entries)

Debt/Credit (5 Entries)

Career(7 Entries)

Economy (4 Entries)

Saving/Frugality (13 Entries)

Money Management (17 Entries)

General Finance (10 Entries)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my first hosting of the Carnival of Personal Finance.  Also, thanks to all who contributed!  If I didn't include your post, it's most likely because it wasn't relevant to the Carnival or you submitted past the cut off time.  Check out the Carnival of Personal Finance home for more information about the Carnival.

64 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Thanks for hosting. All the entries are very easy to read, you have good css!

  2. Great job with the carny! Thanks for including me.


  3. 3. Patrick

    Thanks for hosting and including my article as an Editor’s Choice! :)

  4. Thank you for hosting my article, “Home Decorating Costs: Housing Myths Part 11.”

  5. Thanks for the inclusion FT – and thanks for hosting the carnival. Maybe I’ll muster up the courage to host one one day… :)

  6. Shame on me! I completely forgot to submit an article…. Great job with the 89 other submissions though ;-)

  7. 10. mbhunter

    Thanks for the great job!

  8. 11. hgstern

    Wow! Terrific job, and Thank You for including our post.

    Have a great week!

  9. Thanks for hosting FT! Great carnival :P

  10. 15. David

    Thanks for hosting!

  11. Thanks for hosting, and thank you for including in your top ten! :)

  12. Thanks so much for hostign and including me. Just one small nit — it looks like the link to my article is my trackback (my apologies if I stuck this in the wrong place!) and it bringing up an error page instead of the posting.

    Could you change it to the HTML page please?


  13. MDJ: Thanks for hosting the Carnival and including my stock analysis. I have enjoyed reading your site!

    Best Wishes,

  14. Great job and thanks for including my post!

  15. 21. Flexo

    Thanks very much for hosting!

  16. Thanks for the link and making it into the Editor’s choice – I do appreciate it!

  17. Hey there, awesome addition! thanks for featuring my article. to many more carnivals!!!
    Dan at edf

  18. Thanks for hosting and including my article!

    -Free From Broke

  19. 26. brip blap

    Good job with ye olde carnival, and thanks for including my post!

  20. Thanks for hosting, it’s my first week, and I’m having a great time. Wow 89 articles, this will take a long time to read through!

  21. 39. Eric

    Great job with the carnival!

  22. Thank you for hosting and posting an article from!


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