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TD Direct Investing Order Types and Weekend Reading

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TD Direct Investing Launches Conditional Order Types

As an active trader, I’m pleased to see TD Direct Investing offer conditional order types to its trading platform, WebBroker. This enables investors to determine entry and exit strategies up-front and automatically execute their trading plans.

As the first Canadian bank-owned brokerage to bring this offering to market, the new order types will provide self-directed investors with greater control and flexibility in managing their portfolios, even when they’re away from their computer.

These are powerfully enabling trading tools to help professional traders deploy advanced strategies for retail investors.

The new conditional order types will enable investors to determine entry and exit strategies up-front and automatically execute their trading plans with greater ease and precision. The abilities range from triggering an order to sell at a higher price once a buy order is completed, to more complex order strategies which actively monitor market conditions to automate a sequence of trades in order to limit downside risk or lock in gains.

In volatile market conditions, investors can quickly adjust or plan ahead to keep up with fully automated, pre-determined trade order executions, rather than making on-the-spot decisions or missing out altogether.

For more information about TD Direct Investing, visit tddirectinvesting.ca.

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Weekend Reading

The U.S Federal Reserve has finally raised rates by 0.25%.  The market was expecting that move, but the forward guidance is what surprised.  They are anticipating three more raises in 2017.

Boomer and Echo has an article discussing financial planning for couples and to focus on building net worth.  I agree!

Tawcan offers a step by step guide on using google spreadsheets to track your dividend stocks.  Here’s my article on using Google spreadsheets to make a stock watchlist.

Weed has been big news this year, and the Federal task force has finally provided recommendations for recreational use.  I purchased some weed stocks in my fun trading account after Trudeau was elected and has proved to be one of my biggest winners this year.

Mark from My Own Advisor discusses his new financial goals for 2017.  It’s been a couple of years since I posted a financial goals post, but maybe I’ll re-start it this year.

A visual guide to help you decide what to do with your life.

Interested in visiting some of Canada’s national parks in 2017?  Here’s a free annual pass!

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  • yettie January 7, 2017, 5:56 pm

    Thanks for the links. Got my free annual pass last year and I’m quite excited about the cost savings. I live driving distance from Banff National Park and my frugal 2017 travel plans all revolve around visiting the Rockies

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