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No Hype – The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money: Book Review and Giveaway

I’ve asked QCash, the young and retired millionaire, to write a book review on No Hype – The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money.  Here is a great summary that he came back with.  Be sure to check out the giveaway at the end of the review!

Thanks to Million Dollar Journey for giving me the opportunity to publish my first book review. Let me begin by saying that I enjoy reading books about finances at all different levels, from the beginner to the technical investor. I hope that every time I read a new book, I at least find something new or improve my knowledge even slightly.

Now on to the book: No Hype – The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money by Gail Bebee.

The book is described as a primer for those who are wish to invest beyond the standard bank offered mutual funds and GICs we all seem to start with and need some guidance on the range of investing. The author calls this book “the book I couldn’t find when I began to seriously focus on investing.”

It is different from a beginners guide and it has to be taken in the context of someone is invested but knows they want to invest differently but is not sure why or how.

About the Author

According to the book:

Gail Bebee, B.Sc., M.Eng., is an independent investor. She has mastered the finer points of investing through completion of the Canadian Securities Course with honours, hands-on investing experience, membership in the Tycoons Investment Club and extensive reading.

About the Book

I think that the fact that the book defines itself as a primer for those who “want to get serious” about investing differentiates it from “a beginners guide.” However, Gail is certainly willing to start from the very beginning, talking about the power of compounding and the rule of 72 all the way up to technical analysis of stocks.

I personally found the way she presented the information in 26 bite-sized, yet comprehensive chapters organized in 7 sections useful and an intuitive progression.

While she touched on real estate as an investment vehicle, it was lumped in with real estate, commodities and collectibles. I liked her comment not to confuse your home with an investment in real estate, but her total real estate advice was to stick with REITs. Personally, I feel real estate could have been a chapter in and of itself.


I liked her title of chapter 17 – “Alternative Investments – Investments or Gambling” where she warns readers away from flavours of the month and to stick with fundamentals. I have been an advocate of that for many of my less savvy investor friends for years.

The only fault I would have with this book is that for someone offering “no hype”, she is not afraid to provide her own personal opinion on the suitability or appeal of certain investments, but given her experience I would be prepared to take most of her advice. With that said, she is not an advocate of income trusts for reasons she spells out in her book and I would personally disagree with her about certain types of trusts, but that is probably a personal risk tolerance thing.

The Bottom Line

No Hype lives up to its billing as a the Straight Goods on Investing Your Money. While I don’t believe it is for the absolute beginner (there are better books out there to get people started in investing The Wealthy Barber, Smart Couples Finish Rich, etc.), I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking about taking control of your own portfolio or someone who needs a primer on an investment asset class they are not currently utilizing.

And one last thing: I did learn a few new things, especially regarding split share corporations I didn’t know before.

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173 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. 1. Patrick Cooke

    Sounds like a great read!

  2. 2. Kirk S.

    Has anyone actually read this and can give a first hand review?

  3. 4. ZeFrog

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  5. 6. csplice

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  6. 7. dukeland

    Nice summary. Looking forward to reading this.

  7. FT and Qcash,

    Great Review. Sign me up for the book giveaway pls!

  8. 9. Alice

    Wish me good luck!

  9. 10. Frank

    Would love a free copy!

  10. 11. KnowledgeSeeker

    Count me in!

  11. 12. Brandon

    Sounds like a good read

  12. Looks like many bloggers got a copy for review and a giveaway! Count me in. :o)

  13. 14. Darcie

    If you can read a book like that and learn even one useful thing, it is well worth the time invested. Thanks, Qcash.

  14. 15. canucktuary

    Count me in

  15. 16. mike h

    I’d love to win this book!

  16. 17. Mark

    Guest Star reviews, Nice!

  17. 18. Chuck

    Giggity-Goo, sign me up!

  18. 19. Dane

    I’d definitely be interested in reading this one as I’m feeling more than a little confused about what to do with my RRSPs this year ie. buy some index funds while they’re “on sale” or try something a little different.

  19. 20. Rod

    sign me up

  20. 21. Lyne

    Sounds very interesting. Thanks for the opportunity :-)

  21. 22. Brian

    Count me in please.

  22. 23. Luc Richard

    Sounds like a good read. Count me in please

  23. 24. Cara

    Sounds like a good read.

  24. 25. Marianne O.

    I’m in.

  25. 26. jimmy

    i like to read this book!

  26. 27. karash

    please count me in…!!!

  27. Love to win, thank you.

  28. 29. excell

    Sounds very interesting. Count me in please!

  29. 30. bill

    count me in
    Thank you

  30. 31. Niket

    Looks like a great read! Good review as well!

  31. 32. Marion

    would love a chance to read investing info written from a woman’s perspective!

  32. 33. Dan

    Count me in!!

  33. 34. Vincent

    Very ineresting book, and thanks for the write up!

  34. 35. Terence

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  35. 36. Xenko

    I’m in.

  36. 37. Digger

    Sounds like a great book.

  37. 38. Millionaireby45

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  38. 39. Tony

    gotta be in it to win it

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    very much would like to read this book

  41. 42. Ringo

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  42. 43. Rob B

    Sounds like an interesting read, I’ll see if the library has it yet.

  43. 44. Benoit Anctil

    i will like to read it.
    like R.kyosaky or more.

  44. 45. Lakedweller

    Its time to shed the 3% management fees and take control of our investment’s destiny.

  45. 46. Blitzkrieg

    Yes please.

  46. 47. Kevin

    Count Me in!

  47. 48. Sauce

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  48. 49. Terry

    work in the ALT industry. Look forward to reading chapter 17

  49. 50. steve

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  51. 52. Senk

    Looks like a good book.

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  53. 54. Ian

    Well if Qcash has learnt something that is good enough for me!

  54. 55. Ryan

    Sounds like and interesting read.

  55. 56. Derek

    I’ve read Smart Couples Finish Rich; I’m ready for the next step.

  56. 57. Steve in Montreal

    Great to see QCash back. Sign me up.

  57. 59. Brian

    No Hype _ i would love to read it. this book might have something that help me out.

  58. 60. george

    great blog, good review … free book (?)

  59. 61. Adam

    Looks good!

  60. 62. Gregory Quebec

    I am happy I came across your review, it made the book sound very promising


  61. 63. Sarah

    Sounds interesting! And sounds like it was written at about my level… wanting to move beyond.
    Thanks for the blog -

  62. 64. Kurt

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  63. 65. Carole

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  64. 66. Jesus

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  65. 67. Swati

    A rather interesting book, and something I will probably purchase/borrow from library if I don’t win it.

    The book perfectly defines my situation at this point…I am invested here and there, I read about it when and where I get a chance…but still don’t know where to begin or what the “next steps” should be. I am also confused on how people define asset allocation in a dozen ways. Some people differentiate between mutual funds/stocks/bonds in their “asset allocation” and some canadian/us/foreign and some small/med/large (I have NO idea how to determine that one).

    Looks like a good read. Thanks for the opportunity

  66. 68. AndrewM

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  74. 76. Kristy

    Hi, Thanks for posting this review. I am starting the journey of learning how to control my own investments and any tips on good resources are always appreciated!

  75. 77. Brian M

    Interesting article on this new book. I enjoy reading other perspectives on investing and financial planning and look forward to this one as well. I have checked my local library and have not found it as of yet. I am very curious about Gail’s beliefs on REIT investing as I favour them (in limited amounts) within my portfolio.

    Excellent website to have created, keep promoting financial awareness and education to the masses :)

  76. 78. Joel

    Sounds like a useful book

  77. 79. Tish

    I think that this book will be very helpful and assist me in getting on the right path…..

  78. 80. Astin

    Can’t speak to the quality of the book, but that blurb about the author turned me right off it.

    She’s got degrees in Science and Engineering, took the CSC (a multiple-choice exam for a self-study course required for any Canadian trader, that is NOT that difficult), joined an investor’s club, and read a lot… and she’s “mastered” the finer points of investing? Talk about hype.

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  80. I would love to have a read

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    Good job on your first review, QCash!!
    I’d love a copy!

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  97. 100. Gates VP

    Ummm… The Wealthy Barber?

    I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t recommend that book to anybody.

    Isn’t that the book where he advocates that being saving 30% of your pre-tax income and then making 12% / year over 30 years like he did?

    It has nuggets of wisdom heaped with piles of frugal “limited-good” mindset. He casually ignores inflation despite a chunk of his mythical “12% returns” coming during the 20% inflation era (the book was printed in 1989, anyone remember October ’89?)

    He starts by telling you that you can be rich by saving only 10% of your income. But then follows that with later wisdom that you should also be maxing out your RRSPs and that you should really be saving 15% or 20% on top of that (not just the 10%).

    Here’s an Indigo review with some supporting comments.

    @FT and QCash why are you even mentioning this book? What are the book’s strong points? (other than including Canadian-specific content?)

  98. 101. So

    Great review.

  99. 102. Chootiya

    Count me in.

  100. 103. Jatinder

    Would love to read it!

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    Hello, 4th year business student here chiming in. I love the Blog, and I’d love to read the book. Thanks!

  102. 105. KAF

    Count me in!

  103. 106. Sarah

    This is timely. My husband and I have some money that we’re looking at investing, and we’ve been debating where to start. (Actually, I think we’re going to split it and each try different things).

  104. 107. Jeff Wilson

    I could use a book like this given my recent performance in managing my portfolio.



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    How does this book compare to the following:

    Title: The Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read
    Author: Daniel Solin

    I just checked this out of the library the other day and plan on reading it in the coming days. If this book really is the “straight goods” is it worth reading on top of the above book. Keeping in mind that I don’t have infinite time to read every investment book that comes out.

  108. 111. Al

    Sounds like a great book to read and learn!!

  109. 112. Mark Telewiak

    Sounds like another great addition to my library


    In these days of unregulated freelancers masquerading as ‘investment advisers’, and even qualified advisers being more interested in their commissions rather than safeguarding your portfolio, it is absolutely essential for every person to be reasonably acquainted with the basics of personal finance, insurance, taxation and avenues of investment. Therefore any well-written book on these topics, such as ‘No Hype’ is always welcome.

  111. 114. Sameer

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    Pick me Please!

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    Thanks for the opportunity to get a freebie. After a business trip to China in late 2004, I knew that I had to switch to a DIY mode for my investments – my advisors were either asleep at the switch or working on their own agenda. No regrets since then…

  143. 147. Pauline

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    I’m currently reviewing my investments and this would be a useful book to look at. Thanks for the review!

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    Looking at implementing the Smith Manoeuvre soon (thank to the info on this site). I’m familiar with the basics of investing, but this book sounds like a good way to learn more. Hope I win the giveaway!

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    I’ve been reading tons of investment books recently. I even tried “forward testing” the philosophies that some of the “gurus” suggested will make consistent money. Unfortunately, they all fell flat on their faces, even before the big crash in October of last year. I hope that this book helps us grow our tiny nestegg as I’ve only managed to make it contract….

    Thanks for the freebie opportunity.

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    angelacisco at

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