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At Million Dollar Journey, along with providing targeted traffic, we aim to provide value for our advertisers. On a eCPM (cost per impression) basis, we sell our ad blocks well below market value.

Million Dollar Journey has many ways to help promote your company brand. We offer 125×125 Button ads, an exclusive 468×60 banner ad and an above the fold 300×250 block ad. We are also open to discussing customized ads to suit your company needs.

Statistics and Media Coverage

  • We receive hundreds of thousands of impressions per month.
  • RSS Readers/day:
  • Mainstream media coverage: The Financial/National Post, The Telegram, The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail, BNN and MoneySense Magazine!
  • Contact us for more detailed information regarding demographics and statistics.

125 x 125 Button Ads

  • This is an opportunity to promote your company brand without breaking the budget. We offer 125×125 button ad space at an extremely competitive monthly price (<$1 eCPM) along with discounts offered for longer terms.
  • Button ads are placed on the right hand side bar and will display on every page.
  • All button ad positions are rotated randomly to ensure maximum ad exposure.
  • If you are interested in a button ad placement, please contact us.

Top 468 x 60 Banner Ad

  • We provide space for one banner spot only with a maximum rotation of three ads.
  • Get your company banner displayed prominently on the top of every page and article that Million Dollar Journey has to offer.
  • Discounts will be offered for longer terms.
  • If you’re interested in the 468×60 banner ad placement, please contact us.

Above the Fold 300 x 250 Block Ad

We offer a premium exclusive 300×250 ad block that receives 100% of the impressions.  This block can be booked through a third party,

If you are interested in advertising on, please contact us.

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